hi welcome to my memorial page for my departed loved ones.

this exists for my memory and comfort.

my first cat.

belonged to my ex-stepmom, she had left him with us after the divorce.

lived to be about 20, and passed around 2010.

i miss the way he used to shove his entire face under the faucet.

my brothers first cat.

deeply loved cat, my mom let her outside and she never came back.

lived 2 years, and passed in 2017.

i'm sorry i couldn't find you.

a close friend from my childhood.

fuck childhood cancer.

9/11/01 - 6/1/18

i have so much to say to you. i'm sorry i didn't know, and i'm sorry i let her ruin our frienship. i remember seeing you in my instagram live chat in early 2018. i wish i had talked to you at least one more time

my brothers second cat

mom let her outside, even after i yelled at her for doing it before. her ashes stay in my brothers bedroom

2016 - 2022

i wish you were here.